The Controversy: Sport bikes vs. Harley Davidson

From every person I meet who rides, there always seems to be a discrimination on what motorcycle you have, being a Harley Davidson or any sport bike (Kawasaki,Honda,etc). I personally enjoy riding so much that this situation does not bother me;

However I believe it has to do with performance and how one’s style of riding is; From the people who cruise to the others who let the bikes scream out when twisting the throttle on an open highway and push the bike to the maximum limit. Now before I begin I will bring up some of the pros and cons about each of the following.

Sports bikes:

As much as I love speeding on motorcycles, at times having a sports bike can be a little hassle. For example, a sports bike has a larger engine and transmission, which would also lead to another wonderful thing called wiring & electronics.

Since the motorcycle is obviously larger the engine has a larger computer to control the rpms at high speeds to not blow the engine, clutch controls, lights, overheating and much more. BUT there is good that comes from the whole ordeal. You have a faster vehicle to have fun with that has more street usage and possibly, even lighter.

The Inbreed; Triumph, BMW motorcycles and much more:

These motorcycles are a mix of both sports bikes and the Harley type/feel. These motorcycles are usually used for shows,cruising, daily riding, and sometimes touring. These enduro motorcycles literally stand in the middle between the two because the torque to power ratios are both optimal, one only being slightly more than the other.These are usually able to accommodate passengers and can be used for racing, if modified.

Harley Davidson:

Every cyclist personally, to the bottom of their hearts love the sound of an ol’ fashion Harley running (well at least most), even at idle. The good about a Harley Davidson is that they last much longer, can take more abuse (longer running time), has a more comfortable ride (seat) and are more stable because of their weight.

Most importantly though the secret to a Harley’s longevity and power simply comes from the thing making it all famous, the V-twin engine. Rather than creating the transmission stuck to the engine, Harley’s innovators decided to make an attachable bolt-on transmission to the engine keeping it easier to maintain. For example the transmission gets damaged; rather than pulling out the whole engine from the bike and taking the engine apart, you simply just bolt off the transmission itself from the engine and replace it with a new one.Also Harley’s have both the street and off road usage. “You may ask how exactly?” Since Harley’s tires are of different tread you can take them into camps (when touring) to sleep for the night with your riding group. However if you had a sports bike riding on a dirt road may give you the possibility of a flat tire, something that is inevitable in situations like this.

Well Ok Then, “that’s nice and all but which one’s faster?”

Well honestly me personally knowing the limits of both types of motorcycles the Harley would have an EXCELLENT take off and head start because of the motorcycles torque to power ratio (more torque) and the carburation of the engine is more direct; meaning fuel reaches the engine quicker and in more quantity to get the bike taking off.

A sports bike would have a horrible takeoff but would later gain up because of its power to torque ratio (having more power) and the gearing in the transmission is set up to handle high speeds whereas a Harley transmission is not.

However it is always possible to get a custom built transmission to pull a Harley to higher speeds such as 150mph+. Now that my friends is a matter of whether you can find someone to do the castings gear ratios, etc.
Anyways even if some riders hate your ride, don’t worry about what your riding, remember its about being out there and having fun riding with your friends or even if alone you always will have a good time when riding.


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